How to Measure Your Bra Size at Home

How to Measure Your Bra Size at Home

We all know that wearing an ill-fitting bra can make your day worse, but you can prevent that just by getting the right bra size. To be honest, you don’t need to go to a lingerie shop just to get your bra size checked. Anyone, including you, can measure your bra size.

The best way to measure your bra size accurately is to measure with a measuring tape, just like how the lady at the lingerie shop does for you. But you can do it too at the comfort of your own home! You just need to know how to do it. =)

Breasts changes in size throughout our lifetime. They may shrink if we lose a lot of weight or may even swell during the time of the month or pregnancy. So don’t beat to yourself if you have done your homework but still find that your bra doesn’t fit you perfectly. Just take a little breath, embrace the changes in your body and buy another new bra.

Another thing to note is that bra size is not the same for every shop/design/style. If you love to buy lingerie across brands, the best is you know your numbers (size) well and refer to their size chart before purchasing them.

To find your actual bra size. You will need your band size and cup size. They are two different things.


Step 1: Find your Band size

Wear a thin padded or non-padded bra and measure the circumference below your bust. The measuring tape should wrap just below the bust around your ribcage, where your bra would sit. Make sure the measuring tape is snug and parallel to the ground. Read the measurement. You can also do this braless.



Step 2: Find your Bust size

Now, wrap the measuring tape around your back at band level across the fullest part of your bust, which is where your nipples are. Adjust the tape as you take in a deep breath.


Step 3: Calculate your bra size

Subtract your band size from your bust size and you will get your cup size.

Cup size = Bust Size – Band Size
77 cm – 65 cm = 12 cm
Your Bra size is 34B/75B


Refer to our size chart to find your bra size and then you can start buying your favorites off the shelf!

After you’ve found your magic numbers, the best is to try on the bras to see and feel the fit.  Certain bras may look good but you may not like the material or feel of the bra.

Here at Buubees, we offer home fitting services so that you get to feel the likes of our innerwear at an affordable delivery rate. Give us a ping today!


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