Girls Into Women: When Do Breasts Appear?

Girls Into Women: When Do Breasts Appear?


Adult is what every teenager dream of. But to an older person, adulting is no big deal because we have been through it like a pro.

Do you still recall how puberty hits you in your teens and stays with you throughout your young adult years? We all have a fair share of our experiences of bloody days and growing our humps. To be honest, it can be quite overwhelming yet exciting.

In most Asian girls, breasts can start to grow as early as age 10 and develop through their puberty. Thanks to Estrogen produced by our ovaries, small tiny bumps called breast ‘buds’ start to grow under the nipple. These buds will eventually grow into mammary glands and fatty tissues. That’s when you start getting eyes staring at your humps.


I was the late bloomer. What happened?

A few things that happened could have delayed your puberty. With all due respect to eating healthily and getting low body fat percentage, girls need fats to kickstart their puberty. On the other hand, studies in the US have also shown that young girls with high body fat percentage experienced earlier signs of puberty, which can be quite overwhelming for a young girl of age 8.

Other than that, girls with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, kidney disease and other hormonal problems can experienced delayed puberty.

But breasts don’t stop growing after your adolescent years. Sometimes you may notice your breast get bigger after putting on some weight and other times smaller when you lose weight. It can also change during your cyclical months. Remember it’s link to the hormones called Estrogen. It can even swell when you start to get hot in the bedroom.


Be grateful

Our breast are important because they are attractive and sexy and they produce milk. Yes, sometimes they can be a liability but when you learn to appreciate and love your body, your body will start to please you in an unimaginable way.

If you have big boobs, bless them. If you have small boobs, love them. All breast deserved to be cared for!

What was your puberty like? When your breast started to grow, were you excited or dreadful? Are you currently happy with your breast?

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