About Us

Wearing bras should be pain-less and thought-less for us ladies even if we are just lounging at home. Here at Buubees, we want to bring alluring and comfortable undergarments that will create a confident you. 

Buubees took form from a simple desire of bringing to women basic comfortable intimates that feel and look great on the skin. Our undergarments are designed in the way to suit your skin and clothes instead of the other way round. Wearing any kind of clothing should be as easy as counting 1, 2, 3.

We believe that creating confident and beautiful women comes from wearing our easy carefree undergarment everyday. Our inventions are carefully designed and tested to ensure that your boobies are well supported and happily nested!

Look out for our fun and cheeky limited edition collection to spice up your own wardrobe. Sometimes, girls just want to have fun.

And you deserve it! 


Who Is She 

Jasmine, founder of Buubees, is a practitioner of creative arts and a soon to be ex-teacher. Setting up a mini online boutique  shop have always been her dream and she has finally had the courage to step out of her comfort zone.

Being a woman herself, she understands the pain and struggles women have underneath their pretty OOTDs and wants to help women find the right bras so that they have one less problem to deal everyday. At the end of each day, she wants women to celebrate victory and joy instead of having to deal with unnecessary pain caused by bras.

Her hope for this business is to achieve the dream of being able to provide bras for young women in poorer countries so that they can have the same privilege as we have in Singapore.

If one person can make a difference. Will you?’


Our Promise

We make sure that our bras and panties are worth every cent that you pay for. And for making you a happier customer every time you visit, we listen.