Are you that typical FBT shorts and dry-fit shirt kind of gal at home and around your neighbourhood shops? I can shamefully say I am. But hell, I can do better. 

Hence this new category of sleepwear.
And let's start off with cotton boyfriend shirt style. SAM LILY. SAM because it is a unisex name and LILY because it's sounds good with Sam. XD
Sweet and cute just like those girls wearing their boyfriend's extra large long sleeve shirt in movies.
      I particularly chose cotton, a kind of light and natural fabric that is breathable. Plus, it is meant to be big size and baggy so it doesn't traps heat. I mean who wants to sweat whilst sleeping right? 
Do it off shoulder style for a sexy look


Sleep in air-conditioned room? Perfect. 
Staycation with your boyfriend and wanna look cute? perfect. 
Going to a cold winter country to stay for a few days? Perfect. 




It has a stretchable waistband and meant to be worn high waisted. 

So if you're going around the neighbourhood with your FBT shorts, you can wear our Sam Lily's pants now so that you'll look better than a typical Singaporean gal.




LAUNCH DATE: 24 May 2023,12 pm


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Till next time!