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Very comfortable
The bra is very comfy, buttery, soft, and smooth. It fits well too. I recommend you to try it for yourself :)

-Si Ying

Everyday Foundation Bra

Everyday Foundation Bra

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14-day full refund if you're unhappy with our product.


This is your next ultimate favorite wireless bra – that’s for sure! Made of fabric that’s breathable, lightweight, and soft-to-the-touch, Everyday Foundation Bra is the perfect definition of daily comfort. It offers the support that you need without the itchy underwires, fits perfectly, and gives a subtle lifting effect to highlight your natural feminine silhouette. With cups as smooth as a baby’s butt and paddings as fluffy as the clouds, wearing them from day to night feels like a real treat for your buubees. Because of its seamless style and colors that match your skin tone, this bra goes well with any outfit. T-shirts, cute tops, dresses – Everyday Foundation Bra can be worn under anything without sacrificing comfort and style.


Wear it:

  • As an everyday bra
  • Under a t-shirt
  • A at-home bra
  • Even with whites or sheer clothing



  • 84% Nylon, 16% Elastane
  • Lightly padded
  • Wireless
  • Smooth baby butt cups
  • Non removable pads
  • Paddings that feels like cloud
  • 2 hook-and-eye
  • Adjustable and non-removable straps
  • Available in 4 colours


* For better coverage under whites/sheers, opt for a darker shade than your skin tone.




You get what you pay for

Not up to your standard? Let us know within 14 days of purchase and you will get a full refund

++Size Chart++


*Model Cheryl is 160 cm in height and wears size 75B, Panty size M. Pink Porcelain and Black

*Model Alyssa is 165 cm in height and wears size 70B, Panty size S. Warm Porcelain and Soft Copper

*Model Day is 164 cm in height and wears size 70C, Panty size S. Pink Porcelain and Black



Everyday Foundation Bra/Everyday bra

1. Do you have 80D?

No. We only provide these sizes 70A - 70D, 75A - 75D, 80A - C, 85B

2. What's the difference between everyday foundation bra and everyday bra?

They are the same in material and quality. Just that the everyday Bra is a bit thicker at the bottom of the padding and the colours are baby colours. Everyday Foundation Bra is more for skin colours.
3. What is your exchange policy like?

You may exchange the item within 14 days of purchase and with tag still intact. Make sure that the item is unworn, unscented and still in perfect condition.

4. Do you have a physical store for me to try?

Currently, we do not have a physical store. However, we have a refund or exchange policy within the first 14 days of purchase. (Applicable only to bras)

5. Which colour is best under white tops?

Always choose the shade closest to your skin colour or darker. Surprisingly, darker shade hides the best under white tops.

6. Is pink porcelain easy to see under white?

Maybe, as the shade may be lighter than your skin.

7. I realise that after wearing there are these creases on the inner cups probably caused by my boobs leaning against the padding. Is this normal?

There may be many factors to this. Might be improper storage or washing, it may also be the size of the cup is too big for you.

8. Is soft copper the darkest shade?

Yes. It is the darkest nude shade.
9. I usually wear 75C cup size, do I stick to the same size for this bra too?

You may stick to your current bra size. However, it is best that your measure your band and cup size using a measuring tape and then refer to our size chart.

10. Is the padding thin? Does it have push up effect?

The padding is medium padding. It has a thickness of 0.4 cm at the bottom of the cup. It does not have a push up effect.

No-shift Strapless:

1. Do you know if No Shift Strapless in cig purple is visible under whilte/light coloured tops?

Our No-Shift Strapless in cig purple is the best to hide under white tops.
Do you have any pop up store that I can try the size out? Currently, we do not have a physical store. However, we have a refund or exchange policy within the first 14 days of purchase. (Applicable only to bras)

2. I wear european 65D, sister size will be 70C, does tihs equate to S or M per your chart?

You may try S size.

3. Can Mums wear this? Of course! We have women wearing our strapless after their post pregnancy period.


1. Is the padding thin?

Yes it is thin and detachable.
2. Whats the difference between bralette and bra?

Bralette has lesser support than a normal bra, hence it gives you freedom and the flexibility. Bralettes are born for women who love to let loose their boobs and not be restricted by the normal bra.

3. How come my breasts spills at the side?

Unlike a normal bra, It is because of the thin paddings, hence it allows your boobs to be at their natural state.

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Great quality!
Cute bralette! I don't think I've met any pretty bralettes until this one. It's wireless and in great quality. Also, seller has great service and response.


Pretty bralette
Bought this because of its pretty floral designs. Band is supportive and firm, not like other flimsy bralette. Gives me good support, so I really like it!


Wildflower in PinkComfortable fit. Looks and feels good too! The material is soft and has a supportive band. Suitable for wearing as normal bra, just don't wear it with thin clothing unless you want it to be seen.

Yin Huay

WildflowerThis bra deserves a review because of its quality! The sewing is really good and there are no loose frills falling out. The design is intricate and looks really pretty on me. Loving how it provide support. I wear them like almost everyday and it provides support like a normal bra.